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The Rolex Submariner Replica Hillary Tenzing Edition Explorer Set pays homage to Hillary and Tenzing - two of the most famous mountaineering family in the world - by bringing back the 1953 first successful ascent on Mount Everest. Each set includes three Rolex Submariner Replica, as well as custom-made gear and other items that celebrate the expedition which conquered Mount Everest.

The set includes a number of amazing items including an authentic silver mountaineering badge,Rolex Submariner Replica a leather-bound map of the 1953 expedition route, and a limited edition book Everest written by George Band.

Rolex Submariner Replica in 36mm, 42mm and 39mm sizes are specially crafted to celebrate the achievements and legacy of Hillary and Tenzing, and their Rolex Submariner Replica professional timepieces that served as extremely useful tools for extreme explorations. They also show exceptional durability and reliability. The first timepiece brings back the original design of the 1953 model, while the 42 mm Explorer II with GMT function is based on the latest Rolex Submariner Replica incarnation. (Read the full review of the Explorer II.

The Hillary Tenzing Edition comes in 88 different packages.breitling replica watches The number 88/88 was purchased by a Christie's Geneva buyer for $104,568. This owner donated the entire amount to Hillary and Tenzing Family Foundations. Each other set is available for $40,000, and includes a once-in-a lifetime opportunity for owners to trek with Jamling Tenzing and Peter Hillary (the sons and explorers' legends) to Everest Basecamp in May 2012.

Peter Hillary and Jamling Norgay, who will be in Hong Kong on March 30, 2012 to speak about the extraordinary effort required to reach the top of the world, will also give a fascinating insight into their fathers’ achievement. The Rolex Submariner Replica watches that were part of the equipment used by the explorers will be displayed. The event will be followed with a great vintage watch exhibition, under the expert guidance of Philipp Stahl, the HTE initiator.