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Rolex GMT-Master II Replica

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Rolex has unveiled a new model of its iconic 1955 model. The original color scheme of red and blue is often referred to by the public as the "Pepsi bezel" because it closely resembles the logo of the soda maker. The original Rolex Perpetual GMT Master II was designed for pilots, and it is for this reason that the 24-hour format of the second timezone has been added. The bezel can also be rotated to show the time of the third zone. These functions are not particularly unique or unusual. Rolex GMT-Master II Replica is unique and special because of the bright colors that are used on the bezel. It is the first time in history that a ceramic bezel has been colored red. The watch will only be available in white gold and cost $41,475.

The Color Scheme and Flying Origin of ItOriginally, the Rolex Oyster Perpetual GMT Master timepiece, which became the official watch of Pan Am Pilots, was created to ease flight between time zones when the intercontinental travel boom began. Rolex's timepiece was equipped with an additional GMT hand,Rolex GMT-Master II Replica as well as a dual-colored bezel that would show clearly whether it is day or night in the time zone. The new color scheme, with the bezel divided into two halves of red and blue, was not only easy to read but also looked very neat. It became highly sought after. The best way back then to make a bicolored bezel was by using a transparent Plexiglas piece that showed the painted surfaces beneath it.

Five years after creating the first model, the company mastered a technique that allowed them to create a dual-colored bezel made of anodized aluminium. The new color schemes were inspired by the color scheme of the 1982 Oyster Perpetual GMT Master II watch. The second generation watch did away with a fixed GMT and gave the wearer the option to choose the time zone they preferred. The pilot's watch could now read the third timezone with the help of the bezel that was movable. The original red and black scheme was still the most popular and liked by the public despite the addition of other colors.

Rolex's new ceramic bezels began a new chapter about nine years ago,rolex replica watches when Rolex introduced Cermachrom inserts to its rotatable dials. Ceramic is a very resilient material that has a glossy finish. It is also resistant to ultra violet light, and does not corrode. The initial complicated process only allowed for the creation of a bezel in black. Green and blue were added to the color palette, and the first two-toned insert was created (in black with blue).

Even today, it is still impossible to recreate the original colors. The process of creating ceramic parts was responsible for this. Mineral pigments are used to color the Cerachrom mixture during the manufacture of the bezels. Mineral pigments are used because they are resistant to extreme temperatures, which is necessary to produce compact and durable final products. The "Pepsi' color scheme was impossible because there are no natural red minerals. This was a challenge for the watchmaker who developed a secret method to color it red. The other half of the bezel needed to be blue. The last hurdle was overcome with the creation of a solution that is used to turn a half of he bezel blue during its production. The latest Cerachrom bezel is diamond-polished as is usual, and its numerals representing 24 hours of the second timezone are engraved with platinum and coated using PVD treatment.